You.  You are successful.  Your schedule is varied.  Your interests don't involve financial bookkeeping and administration.  Instead you’d rather have some just… handle it.  When you do meet with your advisors and staff, they look to you to lead the conversation about your plans and priorities. We help you drive those conversations.

These are some of these responsibilities that we can help you with:

  • A comprehensive Financial Assessment
  • Bill pay & mail coordination 
  • Bookkeeping & recordkeeping
  • Budgeting & managing cash
  • Annual calendaring
  • Coordination of professional advisors (investment manager, attorney, CPA)
  • Coordination of household staff & primary residence management
  • Coordination of tax strategies & tax return filings
  • Coordination of insurance policies & renewals
  • Coordination of gifting to family & to charity
  • Coordination of estate planning
  • Coordination of trust administration
  • Coordination of legacy planning