Your Family Business Manager

We handle your day-to-day financial tasks and focus on the best strategies for your wealth bracket

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At Sifwell we believe sound capital management is as important in family finances as in business


Financial Assessment

We consolidate and organize your scattered financial life.  This check-up will confirm the things you're doing well, and raise items that you may not have considered yet. You'll have our best thinking about how to "get it right."  You have the choice to take it from there, or to engage in traditional business management (ongoing support).

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Traditional Business Management (Ongoing Support)

Want someone to just... handle it?  That's what we do.  We make sure you have the right professional services and personal staff in place.  We take the mundane day-to-day tasks off your plate.  We also make sure you're utilizing the best practices and financial strategies that the peers in your wealth bracket are using.

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Help Through a Transition

Every kind of transition has something in common: it's simultaneously a finish line and a starting line.  What you knew how to do is less relevant than what you need to learn how to do.  We help you to organize yourself in the moment, identify your knowledge gaps, and then learn how to manage your future financial life.

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I could finally ask the questions I had about money -- and have the conversation in plain English.

Client Testimonial

They say 'you don't know what you don't know.'  My friends and I don't talk about money, so until my financial check-up, I had no idea about the things I wasn't doing right.

Client Testimonial